Waipu Cemetery at Waipu river mouth

Waipu Cemetery

Waipu cemetery map

Waipu cemetery is located beside the Waipu river and overlooks Uretiti beach which borders Bream Bay, Northland, New Zealand. It provides a magnificent view of the Whangarei Heads and is a peaceful place for visitors to the departed.

Waipu cemetery reflects the early history of the first Scottish settlers. The earliest burial date is 6 November 1857 for one Angus McKay born in Scotland in 1804. Many gravestones show Scotland as the birthplace. Some record Nova Scotia as the birthplace.

Waipu was founded in the mid 19th century by Scottish settlers from Nova Scotia led by a preacher named Norman McLeod.

Following the Highland Clearances in Scotland, the group tried living in Nova Scotia, Canada, then Australia before settling here in New Zealand.

Around 1854 the settlers secured land at Waipu and were then followed by more Scots from Nova Scotia and Scotland. Five shiploads containing over 800 settlers arrived in Waipu in the 1850s.

Signs in the Waipu cemetery point towards the more significant graves including that of Rev Norman McLeod.

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