About Waipu Cemetery

Waipu Cemetery Trust Deed of Conveyance


Dated the 4th day of July 1881 Duncan McKenzie to the Revd. William McRae & ors.

"THIS DEED made the 4th day of July 1881 one thousand eight hundred and eighty one …Whereas the said Duncan McKenzie has agreed for the benefit of the settlers of the Waipu District to convey the hereditaments hereinafter described to the said Trustees for the purpose of a Public Cemetery…”

The Waipu Cemetery, bequeathed to the people of Waipu, has been administered by the Waipu Cemetery Board continuously since the signing of the Trust Deed in 1881

The Board is comprised of five Trustees and a number of committee members. The Waipu Cemetery Board is a voluntary body registered as Charitable Trust CC34327.

The sale of Burial Right Plots, Ashberm Plots and Wall of Remembrance bricks funds the ongoing maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

The Board is supported by a group of 'Friends of the Cemetery' who are brightening up the appearance graves with infill planting.


*In 1857, the first known grave was put in this piece of ground and the location was informally established as a cemetery.

The donor was Capt Duncan McKenzie known as "The Prince".

Prior to 1876 all deaths were registered in Auckland. After 1876 most of the deaths were registered locally at Waipu Post Office.

In those early years, various families had areas in the cemetery where they buried their kin.

In 1882 four settlers in the area along with the then-minister of the Parish became the first trustees of the Cemetery Board.

In 1928 the cemetery was professionally surveyed into plots

In 1926 moves were made to purchase the present paddock between the Cemetery, Cove Road and Hamon Road . In 1939 the transaction was finally completed.

During World War II there was an initiative to reserve part of the Cemetery for ex-service personnel. The ensuing land incorporated improved access, some roadside parking, an impressive brick-wall entranceway in memory of the district's pioneers and a Services Lawn Cemetery.

On 30 December 1951, the Memorial Gates were unveiled and the new Lawn Cemetery dedicated following a special church service. Subsequently an Ash-berm was started in 1987.

Burial details prior to the 1930s are known to be incomplete, but today there are approximately 1700 people interred in the Waipu cemetery.

*Source: Kit Singleton 'Pride of the Lion' (abridged)